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Beaglebone Black


Derek Molloy’s site and book with companion site are great resources. The book especially is well laid out and ranges from very basic introductory material to very specific and advanced concepts.

Development Environment

Since the BBB runs a full linux distro, it’s certainly possible to download compilers and develop code directly on the BBB. However, it’s also nice to be able to perform cross-compiled development on a PC since you can use fully featured development environments and version control.


It can be a bit tricky to determine which version of the BBB you have. The BBB eLinux page and the schematic are helpful.

Operating System

Images for the BBB can be downloaded from here and a description of how to burn the image onto an SD card and then flash the onboard BBB memory with the OS is here. Note: If you want to burn the eMMC onboard memory with the OS, don’t forget to download a “flasher” image rather than the regular ones meant to run natively off of the SD card.