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This is a simple GUI meant to provide a user interface for a simulation or real time application. The design goals of the interface are:

This GUI is implemented using Flask. Flask is designed to provide a python based server back-end to a web page interface. It’s design is transaction based where it essentially sits idle and responds to user requests. This is a problem for interfacing to applications that need to run for long periods of time (ie. simulations) or continuously (ie. real time physical systems).

The solution is to develop an architecture where the Flask server communicates using the Flask socketIo library with both the GUI and the model. The GUI Javascript code connects to Flask using Socket.Io and the python model connects using python-socketio.

Since Flask will create two separate instances of itself to serve the GUI and model, it is necessary to create a mechanism for those two instances to share data. This is achieved using a local sqlite3 database.

Both the GUI and model can submit update and read requests for the shared data stored by the server. The model is respondible for initializing the shared database and populating it with initial values. The GUI will update the shared data immediately upon a controller action (ie. user input) and will read the shared data at a certain refresh rate to capture updates made by the model. The model updates and reads from the shared data at a rate determined by the application. For example, a long running simulation will limit its interaction with the server to ensure it spends most of its time on computation. An application monitoring smart home devices may only update when it receives an event trigger.

This version of the software runs on the basic web server that is automatically started by the Flask application. For deployment on an enterprise scale, a more robust server should be used.